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FREE CRM for start up and small companies

When it comes to the success of a business, the system in place makes it thrive.  If you're zeroed on the system, business plan and all, the next thing you might be in need to find the software, tools to make it work.

Sales are the bloodline of every business.  For a successful sales system, one might need a Customer Relationship Management Software ( CRM ). Keeping in the track of the growth of an account into a sale from a lead brings in the cash flow.

Sales Funnel

Just to fix an appointment with a contact, you might be in need to call or reach them multiple times.  Then nurturing them and converting into a sale, need a professional approach.  For which a better tool is needed.

Startups or small companies could feel that the fund to be invested on a CRM as a "burden" ( but its actually an investment for sure ).  So, many would try XL sheets to help them out in making a tool. 

Wouldn't be better if you find a CRM as free at least for some minimum number of seats?  

Considering this, Zoho offers FREE Edition for up to 3 users.  Though it doesn't come with a full version of the tool, but it is much helpful to start with, without spending a single paise.

You could know more about the tool by checking the link >> FREE CRM for start-up and small companies

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