About Me

Suriyakumar Ashoka


Welcome to my blog.

I'm Suriyakumar Ashoka, born and brought up in a middle-class family.  My father a hard worker got a job in a Government Organisation through his hard work and perseverance, though he's never been to a formal school.

I've done my graduation in Electrical Engineering, in one of the premier institutes in India, after a Diploma in the same field as a First Generation Graduate, in our family.

Completing my graduation, bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, building my businesses to bring in a better change in the people's lives as a First Generation Entrepreneur.

I'm a Buddhist for which I'm thankful for my friends who's let me see the facts beyond the indoctrination and the delusion I've been struck with, and to my mentors, scientists, authors, and to society.

I'm molding myself as a Serial Entrepreneur, Orator, Writer/Author, and Humanist!
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