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A talk on brand building

As Tathagata Infotech Private Limited is an institutional member in Madras Management Association, I used to attend the programs hosted by them.  Last Friday ( 17-May-2019 ) evening there was a talk delivered by Mr. Vijay Parthasarathy, an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and IIM, Ahmedabad, who's got over 35 years of global experience in Corporate Strategy and Brand Building.

The session has been an educative one with lots of insights about branding.  To provide the whole content of the speech as a nutshell, "Branding is to create a positive emotion to be built around a product or service".

Though I've been thinking of branding as a way to improve the sales, Mr. Vijay has made it clear that it's nothing to do with sales in a direct way.  

To know more, watch the video..,

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