Influence of Buddhism on selected works of world literature

 It’s just another day, I’ve been eagerly going through the books under the section Buddhism, in Connemara Public Library, and found the book titled “Influence of Buddhism on Selected Works of World Literature”. As one of the oldest and most rational religions founded by the Buddha, Buddhism has a a great impact on cultures, across the globe either directly or indirectly.

Influence of Buddhism on Selected Works of World Literature

The book seems to be the work of Dr. Ram Sarup Sailani,   for his Ph. D Thesis at NIILM University.  

The book discusses 6 novels.

They are:

1)            Nixon under the Bodhi Tree and Other Works of Buddhist Fiction (collection of stories) by (Editor) Kate Wheeler

2)            Siddhartha (Novel) by Herman Hesse

3)            The Serpent and the Rope (Epic) by Raja Rao

4)            Dharma Bums (Novel) by Jack Kerouac

5)            Dept. of Speculation (Novel) by Jonny Offill

6)            Little Pilgrim (Novel) by Ko Un


I’ve been curious about fiction based on Buddhism and grabbed the book to explore the literary world. The first novel I’ve read out of this interest is “Yasodhara: A Novel” originally written in Telugu by Volga based on inspirations from the book "Old Path, White Cloud" by the Buddhist monk Tich Nhat Hanh. The book said earlier has been translated into English by P.S.V Prasad.  




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