Financial Literacy for Business Owners - Tie, Chennai

Financial Literacy for Business Owners by Tie, Chennai
For an entrepreneur, the skill to read balance sheets and understanding the financial terms is a must as a doctor should the diagnosis of his patient.  

As a first generation entrepreneur, getting a mentor or an auditor who can spend time to educate has been not possible for me so far.  

As they say, "when the student is ready, the master will alive", I was thinking of getting educated financially, as its been a year now, incorporating my company as "Tathagata Infotech Private Limited" which is into online branding services.

One fine day, received an email from TiE, Chennai, introducing the program called "Financial Literacy for Business Owners" and asked to register for an introductory session of the program.

Eagerly, registered for the same, and noted that the date was around 17 June, and forget the thing, from institute I've registered for, and thought of "Headstart Network" and searched, in mail to confirm the timing and venue.  Though there're number of mails from them in the inbox, I can't find the "FILBO" event's intimation.

So, couldn't attended the session. And my concern was missing a wonderful program, which I was seeking.

Recieved an email from Tie Chennai on 20th June 2019, that there is a sponsor for the event because of which, instead of Rs.7,500/- + GST, the course would be charged for Rs.1,800/- + GST.

Wow, what else do you need?

This is a killing.

So replied to the mail inquiring about the possibility of having the invoice by our comapny name, so that we can claim the GST, for which got a response saying that "its possible"

What else do you need?

Just paid the amount and attended the first session, and am just out of the session.

Really a great educative program, as far as the first program, and I believe the rest of the programs would help to have better financial literacy.

Thanks for TiE, Chennai for such an incredible program!

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