a simple process that took about 7 months to complete!

Its been 10 years starting HOST IT, my first venture, as proprietorship company.  As because of the GST implementation, it has become mandatory to file every month now.  Also, thought of registering/converting the company as a private limited company for some time.  

Hence, took the decision to go for it and approached indiafilings, to register my company.  Once after paying the amount, they've sent some documents to sign and send it to them back the scanned copy.

It seems to be simple, isn't it?.  But there comes the catch.  They told me that, the signature on the PAN card "must" match with the signs.  

Oops.  I've got the PAN by 2007 and I'm sitting in 2017 now.  More than 10 years, my signature has "evolved" over the time.  So, now I'm stuck with the application.  

Those people would be kept on calling me, and I'd tell them that by this weekend or so.  But they've been following. I've paid them Rs.20,000/- by August-2017.

The days become week, weeks become months.  

The calls and my responses were remaining the same.  Neither I nor the caller from the company tried to break the conversation in a fruitful direction.

By the month of March - 2018, all of a sudden, one call from them, brought the change needed.  The caller asked me "what's the reason behind that, you're not sending the filled forms, as it been more than 6 months now?".  Haa, there I've got the break to go free.  I've told the caller that, my signature on the PAN card and the present signature is not at all matching.  Hearing this the person on the other end told me that, they'd be sending some letter.  I've to get a verification signature from the bank, where we have the current account.  Voila.  It's been done.

Then submitted all the required documents and sent them the choices for the company name.

HOST IT PRIVATE LIMITED was the first one as we've been using the name "HOST IT" for the past 10 years.  But the person who handles my account told to choose some other unique name, as by the word "host" there are many companies.

So, posted a status on my FB profile seeking some suggestions for the company name.  There're a lot many suggestions.

I've chosen some name as

Tathagata Infotech Private Limited
Maitri Infotech Private Limited

On submitting the names, waited for a week or so. 

Then there's a mail from MOC saying that some form/data has to be submitted as it was not proper or so.

Called indiafilings with respect to the same, and they've said it'd be re-submitted.  

A couple of days went, I was in some work, received a call on my mobile.

The person who's called me said: "Congratulations sir, for your successful registration of the company thathakaththa infotech private limited".  

I can't believe me what the person on the other end is talking about.  As the company through which I've applied for the registration hasn't called me yet, but some salesman from a bank has called me and informed me about it.  

I've corrected him saying "its not thathakaththa, its "Tathagata"".  He's tried to pronounce properly but not.

After the call, I've called my account manager in indiafilings and she's congratulated me for the successful registration of "Tathagata Infotech Private Limited".

A simple question, either be by me or the by the other end, would have completed the process by a weeks time, but as none of us has opened up, it took literally  7 months.  Whatever may be the issue, there'd be a solution.  Only the thing is we're in need to search for that.

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