How they sell - Religion/God!

One of the way, most of the religion keep on preying the commoner is/was, they'll make the commoner cringe by telling them they're SINNERs and tell them that solution to the sins would be their god/religion.

The outrageous lies are used to build the religion.  Telling one he'd die because he's sinned, is the most irrational and idiotic stuff.  If death is caused by sin ( mostly sins would be the quiet common natural feelings/emotions such as love, lust and interest on materials, wealth etc ), then how about the death of animals, plants?  Are they sinned? How? When? What?

The reply from those who promote the religion would be a silence or irrational rants!

Enough is enough, let's forbade the shackles ( i.e.., caste, religion, race, nationality, language etc.., ) and unite as earthlings with abundant of love and peace for the planet earth and our fellow earthlings ( i.e., animals, plants etc..,)

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